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Enhance your basketball team's performance!


You record your team's actions while it is playing. During the timeouts or after the game you can analyze the current statistics and team's performance. This gives you the chance to immediately take action yourself: Give tips, rearrange positions, substitute players adapt your next training!


Points and Attemps
3 - Three pointer made
~3 - Three pointer attempt
2 - Regular field goal made
~2 - Regular field goal attempt
1 - Free throw made
~1 - Free throw attempt

ORB - Offensive rebound
DRB - Defensive rebound

General actions
AST - Assist
BLK - Block
STL - Steal (when a defensive player legally takes possession of the ball from an opposing player)
DDR - Double Dribbling
TRA - Traveling

TO - Turnover (when a player with possession of the ball loses possession as the result of a violation of an opposing player)
TFO - Turnover Forced (when a defender steals the ball or causes a bad pass, etc.)
TFU - Turnover Fundamental (carrying the ball, overstepping boundry on inbounding)

FOL - Personal Foul committed
TEC - Techncal Foul committed
USM - Unsportsmanlike foul committed
DSQ - Foul that leads to disqualification
FLR - Foul received

Special actions
A! - Awesome (if you want highlight something noteworthy of a player)


Our app generates several statistics and analyzable elements such as box score, points history, team KPIs, top scorers (based on field goals) and various heat maps.

A real-life example as shared directly from our app can be found HERE

EFF - NBA Efficiency Rating is a composite basketball statistic that is derived from basic individual statistics: points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, turnovers and shot attempts. The efficiency stat, in theory, accounts for both a player's offensive contributions (points, assists) and their defensive contributions (steals, blocks), but it is generally thought that efficiency ratings favor offense-oriented players over those who specialize in defense, as defense is difficult to quantify with currently tabulated statistics.


+/- - Plus/Minus Index reflects how the team did while that player is on the court. If a player has a +5 PM, it means his team outscored the opponent by 5 points while he was on the court. If he has a -3, then the opposing team outscored his team by 3 points while he was on the court.

PIR - Performance Index Rating is a metric that attempts to give a perspective on a player’s total performance.
The metric is a simple addition and subtraction of positive and negative game factors.


TIM - Time played

PTS - Sum of Points made


3FGA - Number of Three point field goal attempts

3FGM - Number of Three point field goals made

3FG% - Percentage of Three point field goals made

2FGA - Number of Two point field goal attempts

2FGM - Number of Two point field goals made

2FG% - Percentage of Two point field goals made

FGA - Number of Field goal attempts

FGM - Number of Field goals made

FG% - Percentage of Field goals made


FTA - Number of Free throw attempts

FTM - Number of Free throws made

FT% - Percentage of Free throws made

ORB - Number of Offensive Rebounds

DRB - Number of Defensive Rebounds

TReb - Number of Total Rebounds

AST - Number of Assists

BLK - Number of Blocks

TO - Number of Turnover

STL - Number of Steals

FOL - Number of Fouls

A! - Number of Awesome game actions

Basketball im Freien

PRO Features

Next to the big amount of free features, our app provides a plus of PRO features you'll love!


Seasonal statistics

Analyze Totals, Average per game and Average per 36 mins over a period of games.


CSV/Excel export

Export and process your statistical data just the way you need it on your PC or BI-platform.



Share game info live

Let friends know about scores and events in real-time by simply sharing a link with them.


Backup & sync your app data

Save and restore across all your games, teams and statistics across multiple devices. 

Many more...

Record players' positions and analyze resulting heatmaps, Receive Plus/Minus-Score per Team-Lineup, Get both teams' scores trend, ... 

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