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Enhance your basketball team's performance in 3 steps!


Record your game by using a variety of available actions


Analyze your game statistics player by player or make a comparison to the opponent's stats


Depending on your analysis you make decisions on which part of your game you want to improve first and adjust your practice routines accordingly.

Share your statistics with your team, coaches, parents and fans!



You record your team's actions while it is player. During the timeouts or after the game you can analyze the current statistics and team's performance. This gives you the chance to immediately take action yourself: Give tips, rearrange positions, substitute players adapt your next training!


  3 - Three points made

~3 - Three point attempt

  2 - Regular field goal made

~2 - Regular field goal attempt

  1 - Free throw made

~1 - Free throw attempt

ORB - Offensive rebound

DRB - Defensive rebound

AST - Assist

BLK - Block

STL - Steal

TO - Turnover

FOL - Personal foul

A! - Awesome action


3FGA - Three point field goal attempt

3FGM - Three point field goal made

3FG% - Three point percentage

2FGA - Three point field goal attempt

2FGM - Three point field goal made

2FG% - Three point percentage

FGA -  Field goal attempts (summary)

FGM - Field goals made (summary)

FG% - Field goal percentage

FTA - Free throw attempts

FTM - Free throws made

FT% - Three point percentage

PTS - Total points

ORB - Offensive rebounds

DRB - Defensive rebounds

TReb - Total rebounds

AST - Assists

BLK - Blocks

TO - Turnover

STL - Steals

FOL - Fouls

A! - Awesome game action

EFF - Efficiency

TIM - Time played